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NOTE: These are the questions that the full Washington News Council would have voted on had this case gone to a public hearing of the WNC. Nearly 100 people responded as part of a Citizens Online News Council. Some did not vote but just added comments, while others did not vote on every question, so vote totals vary.

1) Was KIRO-TV’s coverage of the process of reinstating the voting rights of former felons inaccurate and incomplete by misstating clearly defined rules and procedures? YES: 90 votes. NO: 7 votes.

2) Did KIRO-TV’s coverage of the process of reinstating former felons’ voting rights fail to include balancing information and responses from state election officials? YES: 84 votes. NO: 10 votes.

3) Did KIRO-TV’s study findings misrepresent voting data by incorrectly extrapolating eligible voter totals and estimates? YES: 90 votes. NO: 6 votes.

4) Did KIRO-TV inaccurately portray Tracy Joy Wilkerson as a convicted felon when, as election officials maintain, she was not a felon and her voting rights never were suspended? YES: 90 votes. NO: 4 votes.

5) Did KIRO-TV’s coverage of the voting eligibility process damage credibility of the Secretary of State’s office in its ability to administer election eligibility procedures? YES: 87 votes. NO: 6 votes.

6) Was KIRO-TV’s report that some deceased voters who remained on the ballot still voted incorrect, incomplete and misleading? YES: 89 votes. NO: 6 votes.

7) Was KIRO-TV’s coverage unfair and unbalanced by not including rebutting comments from the Secretary of State’s Office and from Pierce County election officials (the Hanel family lives in Pierce County)? YES: 89 votes. NO: 5 votes.

8) Did KIRO’s election eve coverage of the voting eligibility processes for removing deceased members of the electorate from voting rolls damage the credibility of state and county election officials? YES: 88 votes. NO: 5 votes.

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